Add Email Account to Gmail

In this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through the steps of adding your business e-mail address to a Gmail account, so you can send and receive your messages inside Gmail. 

What you'll need to begin:

  • Be logged into both your and Business Email accounts (
  • Your Business Email account password. 

Let's begin... 

Click on the Settings cog (highlighted) and the See all settings option from the dropdown.

From here, click on the Accounts and Import link. 

In the Check email from other accounts section, click the Add an email account link. 

Insert the email address of the account you wish to add and click the Next button.

You’ll then be asked how you wish to link the accounts, the Import emails from my other account (POP3) should already be selected so you just need to click the Next button.

Add the following options on the 'Add an email account' page:-
Username: *Your full email address* 
Password: *Your email account password* 
POP Server: 
Port: 995
Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail: Tick option.

All other settings are at your own discretion. When you’ve done that, click the Add Account button.

You’ll then be asked if you wish to be able to send mail as your account, the Yes, I want to be able to send mail as {your email address} option will already be selected so just tick the Next button.

Enter the name of the account as you’d wish for it to appear in any recipients’ inbox. Un-tick the Treat as an alias checkbox. Then click the Next Step button.

Add the following options on the 'Add another email address that your own' page:-
SMTP Server:
Username: *Your full email address* 
Password: *Your email account password*
Port: 587
Security method: Secured connection using TLS (recommended)

When you've done that, click the Add Account button.

Google will then send your email account a confirmation email, so head over to your Business Email account (access it at and copy the code. 

Then simply paste it into the verify field and click the Verify button. 

You’ll then be returned to the Settings page, where you can navigate back to the Inbox. If it’s all been added correctly, the Confirmation email (where we got the confirmation code above) from your business account will be in your inbox – there’s no need to do anything with it, other than delete it. 

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